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Wasp Extermination, an Emergency Situation



Call Groupe Cameron to eliminate wasp nests

The best solution for exterminating wasps is to contact professionals. The worst possible thing you can do is approach the nest yourself. Additionally, make sure any nearby children do not come into contact with it either. Immediately call Groupe Cameron’s team of specialists to assess the situation and get those wasps exterminated. Certain people (17 %) can experience serious allergic reactions to a wasp sting. These reactions range from anaphylactic shock, to severe circulatory and cardiac problems. Wasps are known to be extremely aggressive, so it is absolutely imperative that you do not try to eradicate a wasp nest yourself.

Our technicians, specialized in wasp extermination, are equipped with top-of-the-line protective clothing and equipment. They will successfully remove the nest, in any situation (whether on the ground, at the edge of a swimming pool, in a tree, etc), without putting you or your family in harm’s way.

Learn to recognize wasps

The wasp has a yellow belly streaked with black lines. It generally measures from 11 to 18 mm. People commonly mistake a wasp for a bee, but it is important to note that these two species are very different. The wasp distinguishes itself from the bee by the separation marked on its thorax and belly – wasps’ abdomen’s are separated distinctly from their heads, and are much thinner than a bee. The bumblebee and the hornet are bigger and more hairy than the wasp, and they can be recognized by their noisy buzzing. These two, unlike the wasp, are also mostly harmless.

Groupe Cameron: Services that Guarantee Results

  Besides having state-of-the-art equipment for the extermination of wasps, we offer you:

  ·               Quick intervention times
·               The use of organic products
·               The use of electrical treatment devices
·               The use of poles that can reach up to 30 feet high
·               Guaranteed Results – no matter what, our team is leaving with that nest

      Take Advantage of our Free Estimates

  We offer free estimates, as well as special discount rates if we notice the presence of several nests during our intervention.

  As a rule, we caution clients to keep an eye out for wasp nests at the beginning of the summer season. As summer goes on, wasps become increasingly aggressive and dangerous. So detecting them early is crucial!

Contact us now! Our professionals will intervene immediately!

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