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Groupe Cameron : Our Ant Extermination Services at Your Disposal



Groupe Cameron : Our Ant Extermination Services at Your Disposal

  Our pest-control measures are guaranteed effective and permanent. No matter the ant species, the wide range of techniques and methods at our disposal are sure to eradicate your problem, and give you your home back. While our methods are highly-effective, and continue to prevent infestation long after we’re gone, we still value environmental friendliness, as well as the safety and health of our clients – therefore, we use products that consist of the least concentrated amounts of pesticides possible, while still maintaining the high level efficiency we have become known for.  Nonetheless, if stronger chemical concentrations are needed, we make sure to employ them in a way that has the least impact on the environment, and will ensure your home is free of toxins when you walk through your door.

Fortunately, Groupe Cameron serves the entire province of Quebec – a province where over 90 ant species call home. The presence of such a wide variety of species is the reason we offer customized extermination services, to each of our clients, based on the species and severity of infestation. As a matter of fact, extermination methods for species such as the field ant, the pharaoh ant, and the thief ant, vary greatly, and our trained teams of exterminators excel at researching and investigating your unique situation, then determining what action plan would suit you best.

Each individual team of exterminators at Groupe Cameron is particularly knowledgeable in the field of ant infestations, not only because of the sheer number of species we regularly deal with, but also thanks to the highly educated individuals we employ.  Each team consists of professional exterminators, as well as biologists, environmental specialists, agronomists, and entomologists.  Additionally, we regularly and consistently train our technicians on the latest industry methods in order to offer our clients the best and most up-to-date- service possible.

Finally, rest assured that our business will be conducted discreetly, our estimates will be provided free of charge, and we offer guarantees on all of our work.

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